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Oct 25, 2012 4:55am EDT
obama and romney are crisscrossing the country doing everying in their power to win over voters before election day. their focus is obviously on the key swing states and trying to win undecided voters. >> we haven't finished every -- everything that we want to get done. that's why i'm running for a second term. but every single day that i set foot in the oval office i'm fighting for your families. >> our campaign is going into a movement across the country that says we're going to get america back, we're going to get america strong. we're going to provide for our families. >> reporter: that was feverish schedule for both campaigns this week and you can expect more days like that with national polls showing the race in a dead heat with only 12 days to go until voters head to the polls. reporting from washington, i'm sandra endo. >>> another big story happening today is the weather. we're keeping an eye on florida this morning. we'll be checking in there live in just a bit because they're certainly getting ready for a storm. >> the some storm is over cuba right now. lynette, as you look
Oct 25, 2012 6:30pm EDT
and governor romney sparred about in their presidential campaign debates. and tonight's commentator says there's an entire group of students that have been short- changed. he's todd buccholz, author of "rush: why you need and love the rat race." >> our schools have cheated and discriminated against a generation of students. when i was in high school, they divided us into two tracks. the college prep kids read "beowulf" and "macbeth"; the other kids were shunted into so- called vocational education, where they learned how to build a house, change spark plugs, and wire air conditioners. of course now, most of us college kids can't even explain how a toaster works. so where was the cheating and discrimination? those vocational kids weren't taught enough. they should've been taught, not just how to build and fix things, but how to run a business. if you've been trained as a plumber and can snake a pipe, you might be able to make ends meet for your family. but if you've also learned how to open your own plumbing business, you can prosper. if you can understand the computerized diagnostics system fo
Oct 27, 2012 7:30am EDT
kids. mtv did invite governor romney to a similar interview. >> his hat, his hat the whole interview. >> i was thinking the same thing. that's brave to go interview the president -- >> and keep it it's part of his look. but he kept on that hat for the entire interview. >> he looks good in it. >> an interview with the president of the united states. >> all right. >>> if we look at that hat, he worked it. >>> the election could be affected by what's already being called a historic storm. we could see flooding, power outages, wind damage, all across the northeast. this is expansive. >> millions of people could be affected and those along the coast are scrambling to prepare. nick is watching this storm by the numbers. and these numbers are huge. >> we're expecting new numbers from the national hurricane center to come out later this morning at about 8:00. but until then, we've been reaching out to aid agencies. everybody's poised and prepared for this expected landfall. it's already been a fatal storm. it just got worse. we heard from the puerto rico this morning, one more death added to
Oct 23, 2012 4:30am EDT
for goode were probably intended for romney. >> reporter: goode is on the ballot in 26 states n. a race this close, even if he pulls a fraction of a percent in virginia, it could affect the outcome. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> the third party presidential candidates including goode have been largely ignored in the debates, participate in a live internet only debate hosted by larry king. >>> one of the hottest congressional races in our area is for maryland's sixth district. rosco bartlet finds himself in a fight to maintain his seat. tonight on 9news now at 7:00 p.m., both mr. bart lee and his democratic challenger john delaney will be in the studio for the entire newscast to discuss issues important to district six marylanders. that's tonight right here on 9news now at 7:00. >>> another highly contested election day issue in maryland involves ballot question seven. it asks vote fers they wand to -- voters if they want to expand gambling. if approved it would establish a casino at national harbor in prince george's county. supporters claim it would create more jobs and potentially pr
Oct 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
in michigan were more competitive but the romney campaign is airing ads there. i think that that actually hurt hoekstra's chances a good deal. while i thought there was some potential for the rights to the competitive, all the data i have seen in the last six weeks suggests to me that stand now is likely going to win reelection. host: we go to ohio for our last phone call. caller: how are you? host: what do you have to say? caller: i want to ask ms. duffy, what do you think about the senate races in massachusetts, columbus, ohio? i am from columbus, a female, and an african-american. i would like to know what you think about mr. romney talking about the 47% i have paid my taxes all year. host: we have to leave it there because we're running short on time. guest: massachusetts is a short race. i think elizabeth warren is probably ahead a few points. if scott brown wants to win a full term, he needs to pull ahead on election day. in ohio, sherrod brown has brought a very tough race, he has had an awful lot of tough money thrown at him, but he told the advantage today above josh mandel. host: jen
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
by the statements of both president obama and governor mitt romney, that iran, that they will do everything and they will consider everything, including if necessary the military option in order to prevent a nuclear possession of iran. >> now, of course, we also spoke at length about the israeli economy, especially in light of these geopolitical tensions, and the finance minister reiterated the projected growth for 2013 is at 3%. unemployment is at 6.9%. of course, he's also saying that direct investment in israel is up 40% over precrisis levels. of course, most of that trade between the u.s. and europe and israel. but they've also been looking to china and india over the last three years for an increase in international trade. so again the israeli finance minister in an exclusive interview with cnbc reiterateding his support, but also keeping that possibility open for military action over teheran's nuclear ambitions. ross? >> okay, hadleigh, thanks for that. we did nudge down from an up position to a down post. the eurozone weaker than expected, particularly in germany. we're just nudging
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 1:00pm EDT
's presidential campaign is on track to be the most expensive in history. president obama and mitt romney have raised a combined $1.7 billion so far according to fundraising reports. now that price tag jumps over $2 billion. if you add donations to the super-pac and nonprofit groups that run election related ads, they can expect to see the front of the spending as they continue to get blitzed with phone calls, even a door to door knocking campaign. speaking of political fundraising, charlie gasparino is down in texas at a barbecue fundraiser. doesn't sound like a normal place you'd see him hanging out. something tells from his travel down south rubbing shoulders with financial highfliers. charlie, are you wearing a cowboy hat? >> i'm actually wearing a new york yankees baseball cap. it was quite an event. people don't realize this, dell is a major home the financial services industry. the major firm has offices down here. one of the guys is that they can be financial crisis, there is a good play. pretty good numbers at the fundraiser, barbecue is actually pretty good. the financial types are l
Oct 20, 2012 11:30pm PDT
plans." they even kept it preventing a vote. >>> president obama and former governor mitt romney staid off the campaign trail as they head into their third and final debate on monday. >>> with time rounding out until the election, the battle in california's election is intensifying. lorraine blanco shows us about proposition 30. >> proposition 30 is about kids and teachers and they produce the brains and shells that make the jobs possible. >> reporter: governor brown rallied support for prop 30. >> if i asked any one of you if i could guarantee you $500,000, would you pay 1% of the extra money you earned that year? [ laughter ] i think so. >> reporter: it would raise income taxes 1- 3% on people making more than a quarter million dollars a year and increase the sales tax a quarter of a cent. many teachers spent saturday afternoon walking neighborhoods and passing out fliers with information about prop 30. if it doesn't pass supporters say students k-12 will lose three weeks' of school and college students could see another tuition increase. >> i drove trucks five hours a day i went
Oct 21, 2012 4:20am EDT
be political messages. i am getting called by obama and mayor romney all the time. it is that time of year. utility service reminders. these are practical and legal. then you get to the right hand column that is malicious and a legal. fishing calls, focused nuisance attacks, these are where the bad actors fall. please keep in mind all three of the categories, not an exhaustive list. this is one important way to bring all of this together. my previous slights and that last slide. we need to understand the different perspectives on these events. there is what consumers see and what service providers see. consumers are seeing all of the different types of robocalls. they understand what they are getting. my kid's school is closed. got it. johnny has his dentist appointment tomorrow. i cannot forget that. rachel from card holders services. they are in that position to see and understand which robocalls they are getting. our member companies operate network operation centers. what they see is just a mass calling event. they cannot delve into what specific type of call that is. all they are seei
Oct 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
the romney campaign or the obama campaign that would not fit within our definition because they are not trying to sell you something. [laughter] maybe they are trying to get to vote for them but you will not pay the money for the service. the survey calls also falls within that same issue. they are not trying to sell you something. there are people that have gone out to try to make -- to mask their sales goals as a political survey. those calls are covered and we are aware of those. >> our prohibition for political calls has been very successful over the 10 years i have been involved. even though we have had a number of legal challenges and still go through it, it is a pretty strong legal argument particularly as it comes to blasting out tens of thousands of these calls to people who don't want them in their homes. the fact that you've got federal statutes on the cell phone, i still think we will be a winner on the idea that you cannot call people at home to try to get a political free speech even though that is what the seventh circuit is still looking at. our argument is
Oct 21, 2012 8:00pm EDT
romney in new hampshire. tomorrow on "washington journal," jonathan tepperman journal," jonathan tepperman
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the right to pursue happiness. >> watch and engage monday as president obama and mitt romney meet in their final debate. moderated by cbs' bob schieffer from lyn university in boca raton, florida. our debate preview starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern, followed by the debate, live at [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> this week on "q&a," steve inskeep discusses his book, "instant city: life and death in karachi." >> steve inskeep, when did you first go to work for npr? >> i had been freelancing a while, and hired me to cover politics. i would cover anything that needed done that nobody else would do. on my first full day there, i got on a plan to cover the new hampshire primary. i have been doing it ever since. i have been sent to cover plant cresses, wars, and i really enjoy myself. >> why radio? >> ipad started in high school in radio. my brother got on staff. i figured if my older brother could do it, i could do it. i got on staff. i called football games and basketball games. in college, i got paid $10 a
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
candidates last debate is tomorrow. governor romney took a break from debate practice to cheer on his staff in a game of flag football in florida. as he tossed the coin results were like the presidential race right now, a little hard to call. supporter say he is gaining momentum. >> we like the way florida is going. we always predicted it would go this way. >> if you look at the polling it is trending our way. >> we think it is a better indicator than the public polls which are frankly all over the map. >> both sides are hoping to change the latest poll numbers during tomorrow's debate boca raton, florida. the topic, foreign policy. >>> a former u.s. senator who lost the presidential race to richard nixon has died. george mcgovern was the democratic candidate for president in 1972. mcgovern represented south dakota for four years in the house and 18 years in the senate. last week his family disclosed he had entered hospice care. he died this morning surrounded by his family and long-time friends. george mcgovern was 90 years old. gas prices are on the way down. the national average for a ga
Oct 23, 2012 10:30pm PDT
% of likely voters think mr. obama is honest and trustworthy compared to 37% who think that of mitt romney. >> you want to know that the person who's applying to be your president and commander in chief is trustworthy. >> he also offered a 20 page booklet outlining his agenda for a second term. tomorrow morning the president is to begin a 48 hour campaign trip through three key states. >> we've gone through three presidential debates and we haven't heard an agenda from the president and that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead. >> the republican candidate was in ohio today with paul ryan. the long cabin republicans gave him a qualified endorsement noting that they disagree with his stance on gay marriage. >>> more than 24 million people use you tube to watch the presidential and vice presidential debates this year. they streamed the three presidential debate and one vice presidential debate for the first time. the debates were viewed from different countries. >>> you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app. download the app and you can watch ou
Oct 23, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. obama is honest and trustworthy compared to 37% who think that of mitt romney. >> you want to know that the person who's applying to be your president and commander in chief is trustworthy. >> he also offered a 20 page booklet outlining his agenda for a second term. tomorrow morning the president is to begin a 48 hour campaign trip through three key states. >> we've gone through three presidential debates and we haven't heard an agenda from the president and that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead. >> the republican candidate was in ohio today with paul ryan. the long cabin republicans gave him a qualified endorsement noting that they disagree with his stance on gay marriage. >>> more than 24 million people use you tube to watch the presidential and vice presidential debates this year. they streamed the three presidential debate and one vice presidential debate for the first time. the debates were viewed from different countries. >>> you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app. download the app and you can watch our newscasts from your
Oct 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
-out sprint. president barack obama and presidential nominee mitt romney are crisscrossing the country. they're meeting with potential voters, going on tv shows, posing for pictures and campaigning in front of crowds. there will be a lot of that, especially in swing states where it's uncertain which candidate is likely to win. the campaigns are buying up ad space so you'll see more commercials on more channels and their running mates are doing all they can to get supporters to vote. at this point, it's anyone's guess who will win the election. a cnn political reporter say americans will wake up on election day not knowing who their next president will be. it makes the campaigning the presidents do between now and election day even more significant. >>> our next story takes us to italy. some people in the scientific world are stunned about a court case that just wrapped up there. six scientistes and a government official had been convicted on charges. this goes back to an earthquake. the court ruled that these scientists didn't do enough to warn people that there was an earthquake risk. the t
Oct 24, 2012 9:00am EDT
is good hold for a well. you don't show up in office, if governor romney wins, he gets 100 days or whatever to do something new. and he's posted it right away. he's not supposed to say i'm going to think about for a while. i get back to you in july. is supposed to act right away. china is the exact opposite. you don't come into office even if you're convinced, denouncing them. you're just making trouble. so the day care is the first party. that's when things change in 2002. it's when the southern was ratified formally in 1992. the first party plenum will be in october or november of 2013. it is not going to bring massive reforms that are already being implemented. that's not the chinese way. it's going to give us a sense of the direction of the new government. whether they say something like, you know, the previous government responded so well to the financial crisis, but there are these things it got a little carried away and we need to fix them. and an example, some state firms should go bankrupt. that would be assigned to you just have to say that you don't have to do anythin
Oct 25, 2012 2:05am PDT
given the election, we will see plenty of obama and mitt romney impersonators but the most popular costumes remain the traditional ones, the witch and the vampire for adults. the princess and batman for kids. and for pets, the pumpkin. the devil and the ever-popular hot dog costume. >> back across to kathy. >> gentleman from louisville, kentucky where does the name halloween come from? an ancient irish town thought to be haunted, the legend of sleeping hollow by washington irving, mexican day of the dead holiday or all saints day? >> i'm going to go with d, all saints. [ ding ] >> you there go. >> finally have a win. -- winner. >> the name halloween has religious roots because october 31st is the day before of the whole day before the eve of all saints day, october 31st became known as all hallow's eve or, in shortened form, halloween. >> got it. back across to kath. >> this lady from florida. very, very excited to be here today. jack-o-lanterns have traditionally been cared out of all the following except, turnips, apples, beets and pumpkins? >> i would say beets. [ buzzer ] oh, c
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
romney acumula 47 por ciento de la intencion de votos y el presidente barack obama 46, cuando faltan 11 dias para las elecciones. humberto moreira, ex lider nacional del pri, acuso a empresarios mexicanos de hacerse millonarios a costa del narcotrafico y exigio que sean llevados ante la ley.y el chacal de la trompeta de sabado gigante admite estar nervioso porque en el programa por los 50 aqos del programa su mision sera muy dificil.mas en noticiero univision. pero su paso por el caribe fue mortal, enfila vientose a estados unidos, hablamos de sandy, estÁ listi jackie para que cuente de la posible trayector trayectoria, adelante jackie. >>> sÍ, bÁrbara observamos el huracÁn, se extiende al este de la florida, bueno, todavÍa sostiene fuertes vientos, un huracÁn categorÍa uno, y los modelos indican todavÍa, estÁn los modelos de acuerdo que la gran escala, del norte en el Área "tri" estatal, nueva york, connecticut, long island, y maine, para el viernes y sÁbado, no deje para Última hora prepararse, medicinas vrs comida enlatada y agua, y tres dÍas sin electricidad, mentalment
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
'm in the news barrage of obama versus romney, my guests are taking on serious issues that require and deserve our full attention no matter who is in office in the next four years. tony blair is no longer on the front pages of the times or the guardian but his reprieve from politics has allowed him to deinvite most of his time to issues he cares about. supermodel petra nemcova's influence is different than blaresblairs but she's still leverages that influence. and carolyn miles works against things that only get worse child obesity. figuring out ways to figure out solutions to long-term problems, charles best, that's in the classroom. as lieutenant governor, after the elections are over, we need to refocus our attention on the kinds of long-standing issues illustrated by my guests. issues that may not make for shocking headlines but are usually much more deserving of our attention and our support. thanks for your attention tonight and anker please continue our conversation on twitter, facebook and google plus. [ ♪ music ♪ ] an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to he
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the presidential election. mitt romney has canceled his rally scheduled for sunday in virginia beach. his decision coming after a virginia governor declared a stat of emergency. >> i think it's critically important to ask that people at a precautions now. this is unlike certainly any of the storms i have seen in a long time where you have a sustained duration of literally four to five days of rain and wind. >> as for the president, apparently he is going to take his chances. he hasn't rescheduled any events just yet. >>> paul here in the bay area, much drier. but rain could be in our future too. >> rain is coming and it ties into halloween. the forecast isn't completely dry but friday night is dry and it was beautiful weather for the opening of ski season. let's go to boreal mountain resort because they open things up today at squaw valley opened up for one day yesterday, 15- dollar lift tickets and all those diehards out there enjoying it today. we had sunshine and three feet of snow earlier this week and more snow in the sierra in the forecast for the middle of next week. get up, dude. we had a
Oct 28, 2012 8:30am PDT
to be enacted. as a matter of fact, romney said he would not, but the savings are just enormous. so it is that, assault weapon, obviously the desert bill, the tahoe bill, and the wetlands in san francisco bay. i get such a kick, phil, when i fly in at what used to be dominant orange ponds at the south end of the bay, is salt ponds, now turning green with wetlands. and i think, you know, i had something to do with this. i put that deal together. >> if you had to vote to take back, which would it be? >> it would be iraq. and i will tell you why. i was on intelligence. i read the classified report twice, the big report. i read the white paper twice. the unclassified report. i listened to speeches by dick cheney, by george bush. i saw the secretary of state come out before the security council of the united nations and say this vile contains biological weapons from mobile biological laps in iraq and i believed them and i believed the intelligence and i voted to go to war in iraq and the intelligence was wrong. >> and her opponent in the senate race, elizabeth empkin. we
Oct 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
will make stops in bristol and charlottesville. >> then mitt romney is scheduled to arrive in the commonwealth sunday starting with an event in haymarket w. less than two weeks left and early voting under way, the candidates have often tried to hit several swing states each day. but today the republican challenger is going to narrow his focus to ohio. several stops in that state. >> ohio could well be the place that elects the next president of the united states. >> we are pulling an all nighter. no sleep. and if you're not going to sleep, you might as well be in vegas. >> the president also appeared on the tonight show with jay leno as part after blitz across six states on his tour. today one of the president's stops will be in chicago where he will cast his ballot. >>> locally a shake-up in the campaign of long-term congressman jim moran. his son pat has resigned over what ef said in a secretly -- what he said in a secretly recorded video. kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more. who recorded this, kristin? >> reporter: it's very interesting. this video shows
Oct 26, 2012 5:00am EDT
. >> meanwhile republican campaign workers think early voting might benefit their cause instead. mitt romney is scheduled to make three stops in virginia this sunday with the first one being in haymarket. more than seven million people have already cast their vote for president. >>> along the east coast the campaign is taking a bit of a back seat to hurricane sandy. 9news now reporter kristin fisher live at pepco's d.c. headquarters where preparations are under way. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. are you ready for this? it's hard to believe it's almost november and here we are having to deal with hurricane sandy pepco and bge have already activated their emergency plans. bge even issued a statement saying its customers should be prepared for, quote, hundreds of thousands potential outages if the storm does indeed turn in our direction. pepco is already calling out to crews in other states for reinforcement. >> we've activated our teams. contractors are ready and available immediately to help address restoration efforts if we need to do them. >> reporter: pepco and
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to the battleground state of virginia. mitt romney kept his focus on ohio for the entire day. >> and america wants to see big changes and we're going to bring big changes to get america stronger again. >> we've got to go forward with the policies that are getting us out of this mess and that's why i'm running for a second term. >> in fact, president obama will finish his day in ohio before heading back to washington. mr. obama picked up a big endorsement today from colin powell, but powell insists he's still a republican. >>> arlington county opened a criminal investigation into voter fraud after an indent involving congressman jim moran's son. >> 23-year-old patrick moran resigned as a campaign field director after he was seen on an undercover video discussing illegal voting. peggy fox joins us live with the latest. >> that's right. in that video posted by a conservative activist patrick moran tried several times to discourage the undercover activist from following through with his so-called voter fraud plan, but then moran offers the man specific ways to skirt virginia's new voter identification
FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. ashley: which candidate is better for your wallet, president obama or governor romney? coming up next bob dietrich of polaris financial tells us what his research reveals. the answer, well, it may surprise you. liz: were taxpayers duped by bank of america? the federal government filing suit to the tune of more than a billion dollars. liz macdonald is telling us what the serious allegations are. have a little queen to take us into the commercial break. ♪ >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. wall street closed lower for the second straight day of the federal reserve's latest policy decision did little to boost the markets as expected. the central bank is sticking with its bond buying program called qe3 unveiled last month. another round of underwhelming corporate results also pulled markets down. >>> cheesecake factory released its third quarter results after the closing bell. earnings per share for the restaurant chain in line with estimates at 49 cents. revenue fell short of expectations at $453.8 million. >>> yahoo! started to notify roughly 200 employees they will lose th
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
ballots. this morning florida open doors to early voting. president obama and mitt romney spent a lost time campaigning there. one couple spent the night to be the first to cast their ballots. >> to lead by example and hope that others will follow suit. >> voting early has advantages. no long lines and you can go to any polling place in your county and you have time to go through the long payments of decisions to make on the ballot. >> penn state had a development. the university board of trustees passed the resolution yesterday. they expect claims likely reaching into the millions. jerry sandusky was sentenced necessary sexually abusing ten boys. still ahead, giants world coverage continues from detoit. >> in detroit at comerica park, we have a live report coming upon. at their team hotel as we stacked them high. the world series ticket allotment. you have to see this. it's amaziinamazing. it's a treasure troph. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing way
Oct 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to read a few quotes, most notably president obama and governor romney and the most recent of the first presidential debate on october 3rd. governor romney, every free economy as good regulation. the same time regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act had a number of provisions of unintended consequences harmful to the economy. it's kind of reasonable and small banks. i would repeal and replace it. president obama: the reason for such an economic crisis has prompted by reckless behavior on wall street, but he answered it risk. we stepped in and had the toughest reforms on wall street since an 18 piece is that the question is, does anybody out there think we're too much oversight and regulation of wall street? senator warner of virginia, who subalterns crafting, congress never get to write when you look at massive reform legislation the first time through. he directionally had in the area and come back two or three years hence to the corrections legislation. secretary of the treasury, tim geithner and "wall street journal," strong defense of the dodd-frank act, asking to remember
Oct 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
media spends more time on what michael jackson had, you know, then what happens with mitt romney. comment. >> that's good. first of all, i'm delighted that you are an avid abc news watcher. that's a good start. listen, people have asked me about where the news is heading and what is happening. it is changing. going back to your cronkite book, to see how much it changed well what it -- walter cronkite was there. it will continue to change and evolve. i continue to watch abc news. not as much as i used to, but i continue to watch it, and there is always material that i think is just great. also things that are different. but one of the points that i really want people to take away from this book, something that i learned at abc news, if you want more substantive news, international news, more play, whatever it is you want more of, you hold it within your power to influence that because no matter who the journalist is, no matter what the news organization is, they all reacts to the audience. they do care. whenever they say, they care whether you're paying attention, and there are gr
Oct 21, 2012 9:00pm EDT
do -- it is pretty politically neutral. they only measure anne romney measure americans how much time you spend in their leisure activities and with your kids. parents spend more time with their children now than they did in the 60's and 70's. don't ask me how. i think -- >> host: but there are still a pretty sure the data supports this point more save 1-year-old kids in day care today than there were say 50 years ago. and i'm wondering how one could argue for that the defense. >> guest: i don't know the data shows. i don't think there is anything wrong with children being in day care or having baby sitters. that seems not necessarily like a good thing or bad thing to me to be like if you have involved parents and your child stays in day care for say nine to five it seems like a natural thing to me. if you have a decent -- it depends on the day care. like if you have -- my children go to preschool and it's like a lovely preschool with a lot of teachers and they are there until noon or 2:00 and then it's like these things are not necessarily bad or necessarily good. >> host: it's just
Oct 22, 2012 12:00am EDT
and drunk? this is not a phenomena. you've noticed. >> guest: what do we have to expect from mitt romney, all the handsome sons wouldn't produce good spawn? >> host: they might, but -- >> guest: it's a sense of entitlement. >> host: exactly. >> guest: people ask me, are men inherently inflexible? no. you know men who are flexible, have been flexible. why are in the men in the books couch potatoes? look at the moment in history, and there is a little bit of rigidness, and if men would need things, that would be fine, that would be better to admit they need things, and in terms of, like, the third generation spawn of the rich people, because when much is handed to you, it's difficult to be flexible and helpful. >> host: exactly! exactly it. >> guest: right. >> host: what do you do about men? by the way, when men collapse, it hurts women and really hurts children for sure. >> guest: right. >> host: it's not a small thing, and you are not gloating over the end of the men, although it's the title of the book, you're not, it's bad for society. what do you do? >> guest: hope men adapt flexibili
Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm EDT
ryan, mitt romney's running mate, has called the payroll tax cut sugar high economics. that 2% at a roll tax cut on wages is used to fund social security. aarp arguably the most powerful lobby for seniors says after two years a further extension sets a bad precedent in undermining funding for social security. it will be over the fate of the bush tax cuts especially for rich americans versus extending middle class tax cuts. so can we say negotiations? >> can we is the question. thanks, hampton. how will this battle play out? andrew fieldhouse is with economic policy institute. he says allowing social security tax cut to expire puts too much drag on the economy right now. alex is an economist and research fellow at the american enterprise institute who thinks the tax cut was and still is a bad idea. andrew, why should the payroll tax cut be extended? >> it's premature to withdraw any fiscal stimulus at this point. both sides of the aisle are concerned now that it will push the economy back into a recession. it's important to understand that expiring ad hoc fiscal stimulus is the
Oct 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> hockenberry: i know. >> we don't hear mitt romney talking much about it. >> hockenberry: what if you're wrong? >> what if anybody is wrong in this debate? >> hockenberry: what if you're wrong? >> then i'll have to say i'm sorry. and i wish we could speed up our efforts to reverse the policies that we have supported here at cei. >> hockenberry: apologies or not, inaction has consequences. >> temperature records broken by the hundred. >> hockenberry: there is now no concerted national response to climate change. and delay, the scientific community says, is what the planet simply can't afford. >> climate change is coming. it means drought, it means fire, it means suffering. >> the entire climate is changing. it's affecting our energy, our water, our agriculture and our health. >> the record-setting drought has forced it to drink from its last reserves. >> the amount of sea ice on the arctic ocean, 2012 is a record low. >> the problem with climate change is, i think to many americans it is seen like a threat not to living generations but future generations. and with that uncertainty, and with th
Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to tell me if mitt romney is going to make an interest rate difference. is warren buffett right? is the economy inching forward? or is the year-end tax hike going to crush it? why didn't we protect our own men on the ground in benghazi? breaking new details show everywhere the white house did not act fast enough. "kudlow report" moments away. >>> going back and
Oct 26, 2012 5:00am PDT
donations like $3 a piece. president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney have brought in $1.7 billion so far. then you have to consider super packs outside political committees that are under writing endless tv ads. new campaign finance laws also has millions of dollars flow floe into nonprofit groups that don't have to disclose their donors. who is benefiting from all of this money? coming up in the next hour who is leading in the polls during the final push now just 11 days until election day. reporting in washington, jacqueline felt ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is 5:14. it may take two week before apple customers get that new ipad mini. they started taking preorders on its website just after midnight. within 20 minutes the expected delivery date for some models changed from november 2nd to two weeks. that means customers that just can't wait they will have to stand in line to get an ipad mini when it arrives in stores on november 2nd. >>> microsoft newest windows operating system is available to consumers. microsoft officially unvailed windows eight. it's considered the
Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm EDT
for mitt romney. he will also talk about his role in congress and his views on foreign aid. that begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> is a great source of information for the public. if you want to know anything about what is going on with legislation, with policy, c-span has recovered. i like book tv. that is my favorite. it is nice to see so many people that you read about. c-span offers exactly the news as it is happening. it does not offer commentary. it is just telling you the facts and showing you so you can make your own decisions. the decisions are not being told to you. to me, that is very interesting for people who want to be engaged in society and know what is going on. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> now a look at the incomes of americans over the last four decades. robert shapiro talks about globalization from the the i.t. revolution and a shift in policies under the clinton and george w. bush administrations. from washington, this is one hour and 25 minutes. >> welcome, everyb
Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
romney? all those handsome sons are not going to produce any could spawn? >> they might. they absolutely might, but the trend line is negative, as you know. >> because it is a sense of entitlement. how we serve this devastation. people ask me, and nearly inflexible. well, no. you know lots of men who are flexible. they have been flexible. why are all the men in your book such cut potatoes? you look at this moment in history, and they're is a little bit of region this. menem would need things, that would be fine. at the debt would be better to me admit that anything. terms of the generation spot average people, because when much is handed to you it is difficult to be flexible. >> host: exactly. that is exactly. so what do you do? because, by the way, when in collapse it hurts women and it really hurts children for sure. so this is not a small thing in another you are not gloating over the end of man. i don't think that you are. it's that good. what do you do? >> you hope that men adapt some flexibility and do certain kinds of jobs that they have formally not found to be macho enough. >> h
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
! >> president obama will be and all lur orlando. and as off mitt romney also redevelops his path of campaigning to go to ohio. we will keep you updated on all the election events and have extended coverage of that evening. >> there is snow at heavenly ski resort it looks like a beautiful day. with yaho janu? >> we are waking up to some areas of cloud coverage on our mount tam cam. dance along the coast and sunshine expected with warm temperatures it could be another round of 80s. and mostly upper 70's but overnight close clouds could return pushing into the inland valleys, overnight. this is where they are along the bayshore by noon, plenty of sunshine and it will be building along the san mateo coast. pressing into the overnight hours. 50s through san francisco and livermore. and it is getting to about 82 degrees low mid 70's for the east bayshore west 66 degrees in half moon bay. and a mixture of mid-70s. and 78 degrees expected in napa. your full forecast coming up. changes but for now, let us go back to marty. >> we have been talking about some breaking news. we understand there's a three-
Oct 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
and virginia. president obama's already hitting those states today. romney is also in ohio today and the republican super pac, meanwhile, has released a new ad that features clint eastwood who warns that america could not survive a second obama term. >>> hurricane sandy's blamed for at least three deaths in the caribbean. sandy made landfall today in southern cuba with heavy rain and winds topping 110 miles per hour. it lashed parts of haiti and jamaica on wednesday. >>> an arrest in the death of jessica ridgeway. 17-year-old austin reed sigg appears in court today in connection with the girl's death. ridgeway disappeared earlier this month while walking to her elementary school. her body was found five days later. officials say sigg will also face charges in the attempted kidnapping of a 22-year-old jogger back in may. >>> a michigan man whose wife's death last month was tied to the national meningitis outbreak says he is now hospitalized for the same illness. 65-year-old george carey said he began having severe headaches last friday but is feeling better after three days of tre
FOX Business
Oct 25, 2012 3:00pm EDT
that mitt romney gets the presidency? >> the issue is the fiscal cliff, which is if nothing is done, the economy is going to contract by 4% next year. liz: do you think the market tanks on that, would you short things or at least hedge? >> i would hedge. i wouldn't short things because it seems like this market is on a sugar high and has a life of its own. liz: especially because of the fed and all the propping it's done. >> absolutely. liz: that doesn't go away at least for the short-term. >> no, in fact it's a given i think it will be there for quite a while. the question for investors market is up over the past year, if you recall last october it looked like the world was coming to an end. there was a lot of pessimism. right now it seems like the world looks pretty good. investors are complacent. they are confident. so for us historically when that has been the case, that's when we're wary. liz: even a downgrade of the united states triple a rating back in august, remember that, it was nothing, okay. at what level will you make your move? back this past august you went from 20% c
Oct 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
but is swinging toward mitt romney now. and we found the story of the economy in the death and life of asheboro. asheboro grew up on manufacturing, its factories filled with generations of families who built their town near purgatory mountain. but in 2008, asheboro was named one of america's fastest dying towns. the folks there were never going to quit, but they are still struggling. why are we stuck somewhere between recession and recovery? no one better to ask than those who live around purgatory. in randolph county, there's no escaping the second election since the great recession. nonstop, the tv promises a better day or warns of a worse one. folks around here have seen a lot of both. ( whistle blows ) those days start with the signature sound of asheboro at the acme-mccrary textile company. it opened the year that some of its workers helped put a republican in the white house, william howard taft. it was 1909. 103 years later, bill redding runs the place. at its peak, how many employees did you have? >> bill redding: about 2,000. >> pelley: and today? >> redding: 600. >> pelley: to see why
Oct 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
woman -- hilary rosen said of anne romney that she's never worked a day in her life because she is a stay at home mom. as the home mom and any mom knows well work much harder to stay at those babies than it is to go to work. i will tell you that. it's very tough to be a stay at home mom. how about democratic chairmen, the chairman of the democrats' committee in south carolina. he's on the left, just a profound region little come and dick compared governor niki haley to ease the deal because the sixth eva braun. did you hear any one country that has paid all? know. ricky by the way suffered disproportionately as all conservative women do by the ridiculous character assaults, attack, attack when she was running for governor she was constantly accused of having an adulterous affair. there was not a single scintilla of evidence to back that up and in fact mckee said if you bring up one piece of evidence and out of this race yet nobody can bring up anything and yet the liberal media insist on putting that and every single article for about the entire campaign to her character to
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